News Announcements

Forwood continues to redefine fatality prevention and make headlines for their innovations

Mining Global - Digitally Transforming Risk Management with Cloud and AI

In this magazine article from Mining Global, Thorsten Scholz, CTO, Forwood Group, explains how tech innovation, solid partnerships and a focused approach can transform safety culture in industry, with a goal to make a profound difference in fatality prevention.

New release: COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Checklists - Additional languages

Forwood Safety have translated the third release of Coronavirus Critical Control Checklists into 12 languages. The COVID-19 focused critical risk management package is available free of charge. For more details follow the link below.

Verdantix - How Forwood is doing Critical Risk Management differently

This article by Verdanix explains how EHS decision-makers must manage critical risks to reduce workplace fatality rates, and how Forwood is filling this void by no longer relying on traditional schools of thoughts for workplace fatality prevention.

OHS Magazine - Applying Agile Principles to Learn from Failures

Featured in OHS Professional Magazine, Thorsten Scholz, CTO at Forwood Group, discusses applying agile principles to learn from failures and manage safety differently, and the benefits of measuring all critical control failures will have in the workplace.

NRSPP Webinar - With Rio Tinto's, Anthony Deakin

Anthony Deakin at Rio Tinto explores how the organization is implementing a layered critical control verification program, underpinned by the bow-tie analysis method, that creates a strong safety loop that identifies weaknesses in an organization’s frontline safety controls.

NRSPP - Rio Tinto's Critical Control Verification Program

This compelling NRSPP case study highlights how Rio Tinto’s critical control verification program developed in partnership with Forwood has created a rich, globally standardized dataset, systemizing a new approach to Fatality Prevention.

Amazon Web Services - re:Invent Cloud Computing Conference

Forwood were asked to present at Amazon Web Services (AWS) re:Invent 2018 in Las Vegas to educate attendees on how Amazon Quicksight can be deployed at scale, and how Forwood uses QuickSight to save the lives of people working in high-risk industries.