Who is Forwood?

Forwood is an innovative, values-driven company with a laser focus on fatality prevention. Established in 1995, Forwood have grown from a small business to a cutting edge technology company. Forwood have developed globally standardized Critical Control Checklists for all Major Hazards and Critical Risks. These Checklists make a massive and profound difference in the workplace and they are offered as an integral part of our Fatality Prevention Solution.

Why Forwood?

Forwood have a track record of helping organizations to solve two of the biggest safety problems in industry. Firstly, assisting organizations to ‘break through the safety plateau’ and achieve world class safety performance. Secondly, Forwood enables companies to completely eradicate fatalities from the workplace by using one or more of our laser focussed Fatality Prevention Solutions.




Forwood's products are changing the way safety is managed around the world. Our safety and risk management products are being used extensively by some of the largest high-risk operations and together with the people who work in these locations we are delivering profound results.

Critical Risk Management (CRM)

Forwood CRM is the most comprehensive and advanced fatality risk management solution on the market. Its sole focus is to protect front line workers from serious harm, by changing the culture of risk management in your business.


Forwood SafetyApps has been designed to easily automate safety and risk processes by using enterprise grade mobile Apps. The platform is scalable to thousands of users, quick to implement and low cost to operate. It enables instantaneous communication between Supervisors and their teams and can integrate with Critical Risk Management and corporate safety systems.

Enterprise Risk Assurance (ERA)

Forwood ERA manages material risks from environment to legal, finance to reputation, and health & safety to community. Standardization and risk ownership assure a continuous improvement cycle and increase visibility of risk reduction opportunities across your business.


Forwood recognize the need to have standardized training, standardized deployment and standardized roll out plans to effectively implement CRM. The Forwood CRM Academy provides exceptional training and coaching on Forwood’s Critical Risk Management solution as well as its supporting contemporary view of accident causation theories and models. The Academy ensures Forwood’s channel partners can successfully deploy and sustain the proven Fatality Prevention Program in client organizations.

Channel Partners

Scaling fatality prevention efforts is an important factor in every CRM Deployment Plan so Forwood have joined forces with likeminded consulting organizations to help us deploy CRM around the world. Our channel partner network provides local CRM certified resources to cost effectively assist organizations in the successful implementation of CRM. Forwood ensures that all channel partners are trained to the highest level of certification in the Forwood CRM Academy by industry experienced and recognized subject matter experts.

Point of Difference

Many organizations have well established health and safety management systems with supporting software. The Forwood solution is not like other systems or software. Forwood offers a full end-to-end fatality prevention solution that covers program implementation, visual messaging, in-field coaching, predictive analysis, maturity mapping, independent assessments, etc. Below are the four key reasons why organizations use Forwood:

Turn Key Solution

Forwood is ``operationally ready``, unlike other systems and supporting software companies that typically require several months or more to configure and implement. Launching Forwood CRM takes hours not months and users can access the system and begin conducting verifications immediately.

Global Benchmark Content

Forwood's content is used extensively throughout multiple high risk industries. It is considered industry best practice and it is constantly being updated to include the most recent learnings from fatalities around the world.

Industry Insights

Through our subject matter expertise; we provide analysis and insights about critical control failure rates and where a fatality is most likely to occur on a client’s site. This is all based on hard data from tens of millions of verifications that have been conducted around the globe.

Big Data Analytics

Forwood has a state of the art reporting engine that provides insights to safety like never seen before. We are also the first organization to develop a proof of concept Artificial Intelligence (AI) that predicts potential fatalities using purpose built machine learning algorithms.


Redefining Fatality Prevention

Forwood is rewriting many of the traditional safety models and updating these models based on insights from deep dives into safety performance and big data analytics. This contemporary view of the safety world is assisting organizations to achieve unprecedented levels of performance with an entirely new suite of safety metrics.

Global Content

Forwood has created a world benchmark in critical control checklists built from the learnings of actual workplace fatalities. These checklists have been fine-tuned from more than 6.75 million hours of field testing in real work environments.

Global Content

A key differentiator for Forwood Critical Risk Management (CRM), is globally standardized Fatality Prevention Content. Forwood provides these checklists as part of our Software as a Service (SaaS) subscription.

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Innovation Pilots

If you are an early adopter or your company likes to be the first to implement cutting edge technologies, then you may want to enrol in one of Forwood's Innovation Pilots and customize these Proof of Concepts (PoC's) to suit the needs of your organization. Forwood's PoC's are exciting and full of potential. Why not get involved and assist in taking these PoC's to the next level?

Forwood Artificial Intelligence

Forwood Artificial Intelligence is the first AI of its kind in field of Fatality Prevention and Safety. If you want to know where a fatality is most likely to occur on your site simply ask the Forwood AI and it will tell you. You will be impressed with what the Forwood AI can do. This is an essential tool for every Safety Professional in 2020.

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Forwood is about making the world a safer place to work by providing innovative safety solutions wherever human life is at risk. We are a specialist fatality prevention service provider; combining in-depth industry knowledge with leading edge technology and the latest thinking and approaches in safety tools and techniques; that deliver results.

Forwood History

The corporation’s history began with an accident that occurred in 1981 when a young driller's offsider had 3 fingers amputated after going through the top cogs on a percussion drill rig. On that day the offsider was lucky not to fall from the top of the drill mast and lose his life. Today that offsider is the CEO of Forwood Safety and he has dedicated his life to fatality elimination in the workplace.

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Vision & Values

It is our dream to eradicate fatalities from the workplace and make these unacceptable events a safety statistic of the past. Through industry collaboration we truly believe this is possible, and thus, our focus is unwavering. This is why Forwood Safety exists, and why the Forwood Group of companies were created. To eliminate and totally eradicate fatalities from the workplace and to see all employees and contractors return home each day safe and sound.

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Like many modern organizations these days, Forwood has a multitude of satellite offices strategically positioned around the globe. These facilities ensure that our support services and consulting personnel are close to our customers. This enables us to work in the same time zones and it makes it easier to deliver exemplary services. Please click on the link below to view and contact some of our client facing staff.

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Executive Team

Our Clients

There are over 1200 Companies and Contractor Organizations using our global benchmark critical control verification process to improve their performance and eliminate fatalities from the workplace. A sample of our clients since 2015 include:

Partnership Success

Forwood is a Select Technology Partner with Amazon Web Services, and has successful partnerships in fatality prevention with some of the largest mining companies in the world. This section documents independent case studies and related articles that explain more about this new and innovative approach to fatality prevention.

Amazon Web Services - re:Invent 2018

With over 50,000 attendees and more than 2,000 breakout sessions across 7 different Las Vegas venues, there is no doubt that re:Invent is Amazon’s biggest cloud computing conference of the year. Forwood were asked to present at re:Invent 2018 to educate attendees on how Amazon Quicksight can be deployed at scale and how Forwood uses QuickSight to save the lives of people working in high risk industries. Forwood’s Fatality Prevention Solution collects tens of millions of datapoints on critical control failures, and it is essential that we have a robust tool to process this critical lifesaving information. Click on "Learn More" below to view the presentation video and slider. Learn More

Rio Tinto - Critical Control Verification Program

This compelling NRSPP case study highlights how Rio Tinto’s critical control verification program developed in partnership with Forwood has created a rich, globally standardized dataset, systemizing a new approach to Fatality Prevention. Rio Tinto have continually increased verification numbers each year, with more than 1.4 million verifications completed across their global operations in 2017. Click on ‘Read Article’ below to find out more about this independent case study. Read Article Download PDF

NRSPP Webinar - With Rio Tinto's, Anthony Deakin

Anthony Deakin at Rio Tinto explores how the organization is implementing a layered critical control verification program, underpinned by the bow-tie analysis method. What this creates is a strong safety loop that identifies weaknesses in an organization’s frontline safety controls, then turns them into strengths and engages everyone, from the Senior Executives to Operators in preventing and reducing serious injuries and fatalities. View Webinar Download Presentation

QuickSight - Powerful reporting at your fingertips

At Rio Tinto, safety is paramount and they have empowered their teams to make decisions with the best data available. Data obtained through Forwood’s Critical Risk Management software solution can be easily compiled and visualized into interactive reports using the speed and power of AWS QuickSight. Read more about how these report analytics are a game changer for companies big and small. Read Article