Critical Control Checklists COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Assisting organizations in the continued fight against COVID-19

Free COVID-19 Checklists for All Organizations
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At Forwood we have a laser focus on protecting the lives of workers around the world.

Maintaining the health of the workforce is paramount to ensure assets remain operational and in turn can continue to support local communities and contribute to the economy. This is why we established a task force to help manage COVID-19 in accordance with guidance directives from industry bodies, governments and health authorities.

“During these unprecedented times of uncertainty it is imperative to protect the health of workers in industry. We have teamed up with one of our global mining customers to apply the best practices of critical control management to the coronavirus risk”, said Steve Wood, CEO, Forwood.

Our COVID-19 checklists have now been deployed to more than 700 sites in the Forwood Critical Risk Management (CRM) community, making a profound impact by increasing compliance trends in critical control effectiveness.

Following this positive response, we decided to make our COVID-19 focused critical risk management package available free of charge to all companies. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic Forwood believes it is important to provide resources now and for as long as needed. We want every organization to be able to implement an effective coronavirus program in accordance with guidance directives from industry bodies, governments and health authorities. Contact us to get electronic access to these checklists via an easy to use app, or download the free* PDF’s below.

* The checklist PDF’s can be distributed freely with reference to Forwood Safety as the author of the work.

On behalf of the Sohar Aluminium Family we thank you for this excellent effort and compassion given by Forwood Safety. We have found huge benefits in the checks and implemented them as an early identification within the workplace. They have helped us control the Coronavirus risk to our operations. We wish you all the best in the fight against this virus and have confidence that everyone will come out of this stronger.

Asogen Chetty
Safety Specialist, Sohar Aluminium

Critical Control Checklist Downloads: Version 3 - August 2020

Note: These checklists are being updated regularly so please check the web links below to keep up to date with any changes.