SafetyApps; quickly automate safety and risk management processes in the workplace

In today’s modern world the use of mobile Apps is becoming more and more important to business.

It is often difficult to manage the spread of local site based, non-standard Apps in a global Enterprise.

Having many Apps on multiple sites or throughout an enterprise also requires constant upkeep and maintenance.

Integration into corporate master data can be difficult to achieve and is often expensive to maintain.

Forwood SafetyApps is a low-code development platform which allows you to fast track your Mobile and Desktop App development. It integrates with corporate platforms and the Forwood Critical Risk Management platform. It is easy to maintain and can be fully outsourced.  It is also low cost due to its serverless technology.

Forwood SafetyApps is:

  • Suitable for most workforce automation needs
  • Operated on a secure AWS cloud environment
  • Subscription based pricing model
  • Superfast development cycle – Forwood QuickDev®.

The Challenge:

Developing,  operating, and maintaining Mobile Apps for a business are usually driven by 2 main factors:

  • Complexity of the application
  • Amount of users (license cost)

This can lead to a situation where “cheap” Apps are established by the business initially but looking at the TCO on a corporate level this may become very expensive downstream.

The Solution:

The Forwood SafetyApps QuickDev® process drives an agile rapid development which focuses on maximum value and high quality delivery.

The platform was designed to leverage existing SafetyApps templates, allowing to quickly validate the scope of new modules before starting the build.

During the development process client relevant changes will be performed and the App will be refined in collaboration together with business users.

Using an agile feedback loop the App and its modules will be fine-tuned and then deployed in-field to immediately create business value.

During operation, we will review client feedback on a constant basis so we can further improve the solution to generate the maximum value at minimal cost.

Forwood SafetyApps is available in Google Play and the Apple App store.

Forwood Critical Risk Management App StoreForwood Critical Risk Management App Store


Support for our clients is provided primarily in English and is available globally 24×7 via web and email. Clients have access to the SafetyApps Support Desk, which tracks all tickets.

Talk to us about integrating our client support services into your help desk.

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