Empower your safety operations with Safety+, achieving a streamlined, data-driven approach that ensures incident prevention, fosters continuous improvement and enhances overall safety excellence


Introducing Forwood’s Safety+, a cutting-edge platform meticulously designed to meet your organization’s unique safety requirements. Built on our proprietary low code platform, Safety+ offers unparalleled configurability, ensuring a seamless fit for your operations. Safety+ comprises the following modules:

  • Critical Control Verifications
  • Workplace Inspection Tools
  • Integrated Action Management
  • Safety Meetings & Conversations Tools
  • Reporting
  • Incident Management Tools

Key Benefits


Safety+ is a production-ready solution. Your business can be live with Safety+ immediately

Eradicate Fatalities

Forwood’s solutions have a proven track record of preventing fatalities and serious injuries

Flexible Technology

Safety+ is highly scalable, configurable and capable of integrating with all major EHS and risk management solutions

Benchmarking Capability

Comparative and predictive forecasting capability, leveraging 200 million anonymized critical control data points from 800+ sites globally

Data Driven Insights

Live data on compliance and failures enables managers to identify hot spots and take action before incidents occur. Move from reactive to proactive risk management due to Safety+’s advanced data analytics.

Forwood Community

New and updated versions of Verification Checklist are released to all customers worldwide. This enables shared learnings, shared improvements and shared success


For over 10 years, Forwood Safety has been on a mission to eliminate fatalities and serious injuries from the workplace. Working collaboratively with great companies, this mission is being achieved across 800+ sites globally.

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