A comprehensive solution meticulously designed to empower organizations in proactively identifying, assessing, and mitigating risks


  • Create, manage, monitor and prioritise the lifecycle of action plans
  • Continuous Improvement of fatality risk reduction when integrated with Critical Control Verifications in Safety+
  • Critical Risk Control Assessments, Control Effectiveness Tests and Barrier Management
  • Supports management and risk reduction plans such as TARP, BCP and ERP including budget allocation for risk management activities
  • Configurable Continuous Monitoring and Alerts for any significant developments or changes in risk profiles

Key Benefits

Comprehensive Risk Register tracking of all risks across the organization

Critical Risk Identification and Bow-Tie visualization

Full lifecycle management of risks with embedded risk matrix

Configurable risk categories, risk groups, scores and overall governance

Flexible risk assessment forms which can be configured per category

Allocate Risk and Materiality Scores to assess the significance of risks

Centralized repository facilitates continuous updates as new content and information emerge, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of potential hazards


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