NRSPP Webinar - With Rio Tinto's, Anthony Deakin

How Can a Linked CRM-Bow Tie Approach Prevent Fatalities and Serious Injuries?

This webinar presented by Anthony Deakin, Chief Advisor – Critical Risk Management Rio Tinto, builds on the National Road Safety Partnership Program (NRSPP) Rio Tinto Case Study: The Safety Loop – CRM Program, Bow Ties and Preventing Fatalities and Serious Injuries.

Key excerpts from the presentation:

Results and impact

  • Understanding of fatality risks at front line
  • Clarity on critical controls the “critical few”
  • Verifications to confirm effectiveness
  • Targeted actions to address gaps
  • Clearer roles and responsibilities
  • Support desired culture
  • Drive to standardization
  • Data and insights (controls, questions, location, time, day…)
  • Quicker mobilization of learnings
  • Purposeful leader field time
  • Increased mobility in the field

Rio Tinto’s 7 critical control program tips

  • Don’t invent just implement.
  • Reduce complexity, don’t multiply it
  • Make it easier
  • Ask the operators what is important
  • Faster rollout = faster learnings
  • Metrics and minds
  • Believe it