Point of Difference

Many organizations have well established health and safety management systems with supporting software. The Forwood solution is not like other systems or software. Forwood offers a full end-to-end fatality prevention solution that covers program implementation, visual messaging, in-field coaching, predictive analysis, maturity mapping, independent assessments, etc. Below are the four key reasons why organizations use Forwood:

Turn Key Solution

Forwood is ``operationally ready``, unlike other systems and supporting software companies that typically require several months or more to configure and implement. Launching Forwood CRM takes hours not months and users can access the system and begin conducting verifications immediately.

Global Benchmark Content

Forwood's content is used extensively throughout multiple high risk industries. It is considered industry best practice and it is constantly being updated to include the most recent learnings from fatalities around the world.

Industry Insights

Through our subject matter expertise; we provide analysis and insights about critical control failure rates and where a fatality is most likely to occur on a client’s site. This is all based on hard data from tens of millions of verifications that have been conducted around the globe.

Big Data Analytics

Forwood has a state of the art reporting engine that provides insights to safety like never seen before. We are also the first organization to develop a proof of concept Artificial Intelligence (AI) that predicts potential fatalities using purpose built machine learning algorithms.