Forwood is about making the world a safer place to work by providing innovative safety solutions wherever human life is at risk. We are a specialist fatality prevention service provider; combining in-depth industry knowledge with leading edge technology and the latest thinking and approaches in safety tools and techniques; that deliver results.

Forwood History

The corporation’s history began with an accident that occurred in 1981 when a young driller's offsider had 3 fingers amputated after going through the top cogs on a percussion drill rig. On that day the offsider was lucky not to fall from the top of the drill mast and lose his life. Today that offsider is the CEO of Forwood Safety and he has dedicated his life to fatality elimination in the workplace.

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Vision & Values

It is our dream to eradicate fatalities from the workplace and make these unacceptable events a safety statistic of the past. Through industry collaboration we truly believe this is possible, and thus, our focus is unwavering. This is why Forwood Safety exists, and why the Forwood Group of companies were created. To eliminate and totally eradicate fatalities from the workplace and to see all employees and contractors return home each day safe and sound.

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Like many modern organizations these days, Forwood has a multitude of satellite offices strategically positioned around the globe. These facilities ensure that our support services and consulting personnel are close to our customers. This enables us to work in the same time zones and it makes it easier to deliver exemplary services. Please click on the link below to view and contact some of our client facing staff.

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