Forwood Global Content

Forwood Global Content, a world benchmark in fatality prevention

Forwood Global Content is a “Globally Standardized” comprehensive set of Managers, Supervisors, Operators and Task-Based Critical Control Checklists. The Checklists have been developed from over 8.75 million hours of trial and testing in real work environment. Built from the learnings of actual workplace fatalities, Forwood Global Content is continuously reviewed and revised to reflect learnings from the most recent global fatality data from various industries.

Forwood Global Content is developed and maintained in English and has been translated into 9 different languages. Additional languages can be accommodated as required, allowing for a smooth and full, CRM implementation process. The Content which is utilized for Critical Control verifications by over 1200 companies and contracting organizations in 6 Continents, produces worldwide verification data. The learnings from these verifications are utilized to review and update current Checklists. The new learnings and updated Checklists are then shared with the Forwood CRM Community, resulting in “Shared Success”.






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