Facilitate the widespread integration of ESG strategies throughout the organizational framework, ensuring rigorous compliance and actively monitor actions to meet full compliance


We recognize that evolving global sustainability challenges have profoundly reshaped the ESG risk environment in many industries sector. Environmental, social, and governance considerations extend far beyond mere shareholder returns.

The Forwood ESG+ platform is designed to bolster your social license to operate. It achieves this by identifying risks, tracking corrective action, reporting on progress transparently, and enabling you to engage effectively with stakeholders on ESG matters.

Regardless of the global or internal standards your organization adheres to, or the specific industry you operate within, our ESG+ platform is fully adaptable to align with your strategic approach. It generates audit scores across various standards, including your internal mandates, all consolidated within a comprehensive, integrated audit solution. Meeting reporting mandates becomes effortlessly streamlined.

Key Benefits

Data Aggregation and Tracking

Collect, consolidate, and track ESG-related data from various sources to ensure accurate reporting and analysis

Integrated Audit Capability

Conduct a single integrated audit addressing multiple ESG standards to maximise efficiency and prevent audit fatigue

Dashboard and Visualization

Present ESG data and insights through intuitive dashboards and visualizations for easy interpretation and decision-making

Benchmarking Capability

Compare your organization’s ESG performance against industry peers, best practices, and global standards to identify areas for improvement

Integration Capabilities

Integrate with existing systems, databases, and software to streamline data collection and reporting processes

Risk Analysis and Reporting

Assess operational and reputational risks associated with ESG factors, generate risk reports, and provide insights for informed decision-making

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