Critical Risk Management (CRM)

Critical Risk Management (CRM), a full end to end fatality prevention solution

Forwood’s Critical Risk Management is delivered as a Software as a Service (SaaS), and has been designed and built to provide a laser focus on fatality prevention in the workplace.

Critical Risks and their critical controls are verified using simple checklists and tools. Critical Risk Management prevents fatalities, ensuring every contractor and employee is actively engaged in the process; every task, every job and every shift.

The Forwood Critical Risk Management system (and supplied critical control questions) are recognized as a benchmark in industry. Key elements include:

  • Critical Control Checklists and Verification Tools,
  • A Fatality Risk Focus across all levels of the organization (Managers, Supervisors, Operators and Contractors),
  • Support for multiple languages and translations,
  • Self Service reporting powered by the Amazon Web Services QuickSight tool,
  • Interfaces that can connect with existing HSE systems, and
  • Online and Offline Mobile Apps.

Forwood is a Technology Partner with Amazon Web Services and all cloud hosting infrastructure is deployed on AWS.
Amazon Web Services

The Forwood Critical Risk Management system consists of a large range of modules. A brief overview of the most common modules is detailed below:


The Verifications Module is inclusive of Manager Critical Control Verification Checklists; Supervisor Checklists and Operator Checklists. Checklists are designed to test critical control integrity and availability. Each Checklist serves multiple purposes:

  • To assist the Verifier to identify the correct Critical Controls
  • To ‘check off’ that the Critical Controls are in place before the job starts
  • To increase awareness about how an individual could be killed on the job
  • To act as a mistake-proofing tool
  • To serve as a memory aid so a person doesn’t have to rely on their memory
  • To collect data on critical control failures and critical control compliance

Attributes of critical control verifications and evidence of failures (such as pictures) can be recorded. Additionally, Significant Incidents and learnings can be tracked.

Manager Critical Control Verifications also allow the proactive scheduling of the key aspects of each critical control. Scheduling is not mandatory but can assist in operational risk coverage.

Action Plans are raised from Manager Critical Control Verifications to ensure any improvements of critical controls are recorded and “closed out”.


The Library Module is a collection of Forwood created content such as critical control questions and pictograms that are set-up to support risk and critical control verifications, significant incidents or fatality events.


The Reporting Module provides a multitude of predefined reports. Forwood have created many new safety metrics that are used in the field of Critical Risk Management.  These metrics are fast becoming a common standard across industry.  Examples include:

  • Critical Risk Failure Rate
  • Critical Control Failure Rate
  • Alarm Bell Analysis
  • Leading/Lagging Tornado Charts
  • Leader and Team Participation Reports


The Administration Module provides super users and site admins the ability to manage the Critical Risk Management system in real-time. Forwood’s support team can provide additional training as required.

Forwood Critical Risk Management (CRM) is developed and maintained in English.  We recognize that the successful application of our content is directly linked to the level of understanding about the content.  It is for this reason that CRM is translated into 9 additional languages.  Forwood can accommodate more languages as required by the client. 

The following additional features are available on request:

Leadership Participation

Team Management

Task Based Checklists

Single Sign On

API for 3rd party integration

Dedicated Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Infrastructure

Self Service Reporting (In-Memory, Superfast, Parallel)

High Availability, Multi-Zone redundant database and system with load balancing

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0 M+

Verification Data Points

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Year Fatality Free

Forwood gave us the language of how to describe risk, how to address verifications, and enhance controls. Forwood CRM became a common glue that helped people from different regions talk about the same risks and controls with the same language and the same conventions. It helped with the process of uniting us in a safety journey.

John Rind,
Manager, EHS Systems,
Alcoa Corporation

Case Study - Alcoa Leveraging Forwood to Deliver Strong Safety Performance

In these two powerful case studies, Alcoa Corporation, recognized as the inventor of aluminum, demonstrates how leveraging Forwood's solutions CRM and FAST Reporting has enabled the industry leader to more effectively pursue their goal of zero fatalities.

Forwood Safety FAST works for both a data hound like me and somebody who is the complete opposite. Users want the flexibility to have information at their fingertips. There’s a dashboard, or there’s a new report that will answer their questions, so they can focus back on their work.

Ben Maxson,
Global Critical Risk Manager,
Alcoa Corporation

Forwood provides an online and offline app, giving capability to perform verifications in-field.

The Forwood CRM App is available in Google Play and the Apple App store.

Forwood Critical Risk Management App StoreForwood Critical Risk Management App Store


Support for our clients is provided primarily in English and is available globally 24×7 via web and email. Clients have access to the Forwood CRM Support Desk, which tracks all tickets.

Talk to us about integrating our client support services into your help desk.

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