The Critical Control Blueprint

  • Pilot Rollout

    By 2012 the pilot achieves significant results in fatality prevention and it is rolled out to all BHP Chilean Operations.

  • Worldwide Influence

    In 2014 this approach influences world best practice standards for critical control management in the mining industry with the release of the ICMM Critical Control Management Publication that was based on the work that had been done at Escondida.

  • Worldwide Deployment

    In 2016 the Forwood approach to critical control management and the Forwood Online Portal / Offline APP is deployed to more than 250 mine sites and mineral processing facilities around the world.

  • Worldwide Expansion

    Beyond 2017 the Forwood Fatality Prevention Solution continues to expand in the mining industry and moves into other industry sectors where fatalities are occurring, achieving the same profound results.

To date the system has a 99.6% success rate since initial implementation with early adopters of the system now entering their 10th year fatality free