Vision & Values

At Forwood we draw inspiration from our dream of a world free of workplace fatalities. We relentlessly pursue our goals and every action we take is aligned with our core belief in the fundamental right of every person to arrive home from work safe and free from harm.



We have an uncompromising position on safety with a laser focus on fatalities; we will not perform any work unless it can be performed in a safe manner and any critical risks are managed effectively.

Trust & Respect

We demonstrate trust and respect to our employees and customers through every statement we make and every action that we perform.


We reject mediocrity and are always striving for excellence in everything that we do; our time is valuable so we choose to do things the right way the first time. We always find ways of doing more with less.

Honesty & Integrity

We operate our business in an open and honest manner that instils confidence in our customers. A commitment we make is a commitment we keep.


We are accountable for our actions past, present and future.


We all work together to achieve our business goals.


We operate using simple structures, frameworks and systems that all employees and clients can easily understand and use.


We are passionate about safety and the difference we make. We generate an air of excitement in every safety initiative and project that we are involved in.


We genuinely care about each other and the world we live in.


We recognize and reward those who work and ‘live by’ our values.