Forwood Consulting Services

Our process for implementing CRM into global organizations is setting a new industry benchmark

Experienced Teams

Forwood maintain a highly experienced Consulting Services Team that has been hand-picked not only for their operational experience in global organizations but also for their commitment to fatality prevention.  The teams have significant experience in Mining, Chemical Processing, Smelting, Health Care, Construction, Manufacturing, Maritime, Logistics, Operations management and Professional Services.

Professional Services

Forwood support clients with a comprehensive scope of professional services which include:

  • CRM Site / Campaign Risk Assessments.
  • CRM Implementation Management:
    • Scoping, Project Planning and Management.
    • Pilot Site Implementation Management.
    • CRM Promotional Campaign Management – communication and visual imaging.
    • CRM Milestone Review.
  • CRM In-field Coaching (Manager, Supervisor, Operator / Maintainer).
  • CRM Content Development.
  • CRM Auditing, Health Checks and Gap Analysis.
  • CRM Capability Maturity Assessment.
  • Alignment of existing Safety tools and approaches with CRM.
  • Root Cause Analysis (Fatality, Process, Hardware).
  • Process Safety Management (Process Risk Identification and Analysis).