Forwood Coaching and Specialized Training

Faster and more sustainable results are achieved with a Forwood/Client Company partnership

Functional Training

Forwood provide training at each level of the organization to facilitate understanding of the solution context, the functionality of the implemented software and in field coaching.

Specialist Coaches

Forwood have a team of specialist coaches that have been hand picked. Each coach brings a vast level of experience gained in global organizations and operational roles. They understand cultural diversity and are able to rapidly adapt their communication style to ensure the best outcomes for each individual being guided.

In Field Coaching

In field coaching is provided from executive level through to operator/maintainer levels. Forwood can also provide a train the trainer programme that mobilizes your internal resources to provide ongoing local coaching support. Forwood apply our training model and criteria to ensure that Client internal resources are well equipped to provide ongoing coaching within your organizations.

Root Cause Analysis

Linked to our Fatality Prevention Solution is our applied Root Cause Analysis (RCA) methodology. With many years of international experience in teaching, building company capacities and facilitating fatality and major event investigations, Forwood provide training that is practical and ensures the transfer of readily applied skills. Basic and advanced level training is offered.

Process Risk Identification & Analysis

Forwood are also able to support organizations with robust, method based, Process Risk Identification and Analysis (PRIA) methodology. Teaching is via the facilitation of a real process study. Although qualitative in nature the approach has realized millions of dollars of savings for organizations and more importantly has identified significant exposures that had not been previously identified.